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Interesting Tidbit March 20, 2014

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Hey bookclubbers. You know the uber popular “Let the Great World Spin” book that we read and liked? Well guess who is in my new department… The author’s brother. FOR REALS. I’ve been in two meetings with him this week and he is SMAAAAAAAAAART and also funny. With a big potty mouth (HOORAY) AND an Irish accent. And it’s obv he gets me and isn’t a Super Donkey. Or a Super Taco Donkey. Or a Super Donkey Taco.

I’m hoping to parlay this new work relaish into an intro to the author and an invite to our bookclub. OH JUST KIDDING. Can you imagine a National Book Award winner sitting around listening to us talk about Idris Elba and our kids’ hijinks or my nicknames for my kid’s third grade teacher and all that jazz? Mortifying.


One Response to “Interesting Tidbit”

  1. Emily Says:

    This having the author at book club is totally a real thing! I heard it on the NYT book review podcast. Of course we’d have to pay, so that’s probably right out. Also, how the hell do you have an actual convo about the book with the author there? Nope.

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