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Hmm March 19, 2014

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I’m texting with my boss and realizing how much I’ll miss her and thinking about some of my new peers and starting to sweat a little. I got off on a bad foot with one gal in particular and now we’ll be peerskis and hutch.

I was thinking about her reaction to me and realized that it’s not a new reaction…I’ve had other coworkers (few and far between) who had the same vibe that we have going. And it’s people whom I was just never able to connect with. Never not ever. I could never win them over.

And what’s the common thread? They don’t respond well to my humor. In fact, I seem to grate on their nerves. (I know. WEIRD!)

I feel like this is an epiphany! In the past I just keep trying and trying and then I try too hard and then I’m annoying as shit and it just snowballs.

So! Armed with this self-knowledge, I’m going to chill out! I’m not going to try so damn hard. And I’m going to dial back the humor/dryness/whatever it is and just be super chill and not talk like an idiot/child/whatever and bring it to their pace and their mode. (Glacial. Dull. Pompous.). HEY! Nobody likes a name caller! And this isn’t about THEM. It’s about me tryna chill and adapt.

Wish me luck. Cuz this one gal in partic is a Super Taco and I’m NARVOUS. (Just kiddin) (I’m not narvous) (and she’s not a Super Taco) (she just different)

At least I no longer feel confuse. That’s a huge step in the right direction!


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