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monday March 17, 2014

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I don’t know about the rest of you dummies out there, but I’m feeling like we all need an update from Portland’s east side, specifically from the Avenue of Roses. GIT ON IT!

I have no west side updates. The work party was fun-o-rama and I had to take a big old nap-o-rama yesterday, which fouled up my bedtime. I love a nap, but I’m starting to hate the wide-awake at 11pm feeling. The good news is that I started a book last night and am nearly done with it. The bad news is, I got about 30 seconds of sleep. Kidding! I got more than that. But still, it’s a lame way to start a Monday, y’all.

What else? Oh we have another outing Saturday night. Team Y is really out and about lately. It makes up for the past ten years when I was at home 99.99999% of the time. Our kids are old enough to raise themselves, right?

Our littlest dude went on a campout Saturday with the Cubbies. Here he is with a big grin, horsing around with his homeboy Matthew. Look at his giggly eyes. Oy, that kid. He was super tired yesterday, but it sounds like they had a great time. Viva la camping. Viva la camping that I don’t have to attend!!!

Ciao, people. Can we start a petition for more Frog Blog up in this joint??


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