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Good LERD March 13, 2014

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So where does Andy live? Oh, he lives up off the major busy street by our house, the one that goes to Hwy 99. And how did the kid get there? Walked. How much did I shit my pants? Oh, a lot. It was so out of character for B! J and I were dumbfounded.

What else? Book club was tonight and oooooooh, how I love it. I say that all the time, I know. But I really enjoy it so much.

What else? Oh! My broken rib healed up then broke again in a different spot! The pain! I tried to tell J about it but he turned on the tv while I was mid-story and turned the volume way up. WTH?!?!

What else? Today was roughski and hutch at the Megacorp. It was so clustery that it made me super excited for the new yob. The new manager made an appt to see me Monday…I thought it was for an interview. Well, today I found out she has an offer letter to give me Monday. I feel like I’m being shanghaied. Hopefully it all turns out okay. We really gotta nail down the ol’ travel expectations, people.

What else? Oh! I realized if I get the new yob, I miss a big offsite meeting in June with my current group…IN PORTUGAL. Mama would have liked to go to Portugal.

What else? Nothing. Glad it’s Friday tomorrow. Word to your mother.


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