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Pass the Immodium March 11, 2014

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Um. It’s looking like my new yob is pretty secure. And starting 3/24. That’s two weeks, fools.

I’ll have a new boss and a new work location. A whole new environment and manager to get used to… Dudes, I’m just settling into this gig! And now I’ll have a new gig?

I need to have an informal meet and greet with the new manager…maybe I should just blow it in that meeting so I don’t have to move. What do I know about Payroll in 31 countries outside the US of A?!?!?

And now the diarrhea begins.

On the positive side, my new building is closer to Fred Meyers for convenient lunch-time errands?

Nope. Still have diarrhea gut.


2 Responses to “Pass the Immodium”

  1. Emily Says:

    Ooh, you’re getting closer and closer to me all the time! Someday we will have lunch. At the Fred Meyer.

  2. Grammy Says:

    Maybe Quinn has an oil for that gut, Kelsey.

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