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Broadcast Message March 10, 2014

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Dix, I read A Tale for the Time Being! I finished it on my Singapore trip I think. It was good! Read this:

I read both on my trip and the right won one for sure.

MHar, please read the comment on the last post, from Dix vis a vis the Lonesome Dove. 4 out of 5 FATT blog readers can’t be wrong!

Actually, there is no “wrong” with reading. That’s what I’m tryna get at with my last post. I need to read what I want to read and not worry about all the stuff I’m missing. Unfortch, I feel like my tastes have changed a little and I now really do crave the tougher reads. But damn, my job is RUL hard right now, and maybe I need to focus on just pure enjoyment and escape?

Whatever. Who cares. Srsly. I have a big hair ball to work on. I need to get on that. Goodbye.


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