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Here is the oil pulling convo March 6, 2014

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I’m blue (K).

I had never heard of oil pulling until yesterday. Then my nanny says she’s doing it. Then last night someone on the Facebook posts about oil pulling. So I read an “article” about it and decide it’s the DUMBEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD. Then my alleged bester sends me a text suggesting coco oil swishing to rid eczema. Jesus Mary and Joseph. Why all the oil pulling hype in a 24 hr period????

Cockamamie. As stated above.

I’m extremely grumpy, FYI. Here’s why: I got an email from one of my children’s teacher. Let’s leave the boy anonymous for the sake of some modicum of privacy. Ahem. He says this child has been acting up and that he doesn’t want to take him on a field trip unless a parent can attend. Excuse me? He gave me an example of the HEINOUS INFRACTION and it was so totally normal boy behavior. Not dangerous, not harmful, just ding-dongish, AS BOYS DO. Excuse me but I have friends who are teachers and I know what some of those little bastards get up to at school and this alleged HEINOUS event is not even on par with the mildest behavior of what some of those little wild animals do. And no, I cannot go on a field trip as a chaperone because I am working. At my JOB. So I’ll stay and do MY job and he can do HIS job, which includes monitoring children, including boys who may act like a ding dong once in awhile.

Now before you get all huffy puffy on me, you must realize: I am extremely pro-teacher. I am very responsive to any feedback from the kids’ teachers and always jump to a place of “OMG, we’ll get on it.” Well, except one time when a teacher was a real C-word and we had to go in and get others involved and get her to chill out. But BESIDES THAT, we are super supportive of the hard work teachers do.

ANYWAYS…can we NOT get all hysterical and threaten to exclude the boy from a field trip because he did one dumb-ish thing? Someone needs a fucking Valium. (That someone might be me, you’re thinking.)

So normally we’d deal with this together (me and the huz) but he’s in CA and I had a work dinner tonight so we can’t talk and align on a plan. I usually defer to the huz on stuff like this because I can get, um, emotional, and not respond in the most helpful manner. The huz is much better at the even-toned, mature responses. I am better at suggesting people TAKE A VALIUM.

So here I sit, stewing. I want to kick that teacher square in the taco. I may be PMS as well, which may or may not exacerbate the sitch.

SO NO I’M NOT SWISHING COCONUT OIL IN MY MOUTH FOR TWENTY MINUTES. Scientifically, I’d say that shit is on par with blood letting in the 1500’s as far as medical efficacy. Or drilling holes in mentally ill patients heads.

Ask me again when I’m not mad at a diaper baby teacher. And when I’m done with my monthly visitor. And in a week where I don’t get two notes from a teacher, one about an innocent online horsing around. FOR THE LOVE, PEOPLE!!!!!

(Side note: an all-day work event followed by a work dinner is a HARD day for an introvert. We went to Decarli’s, which was good, but mama cannot interact for that long with folks in a work setting. Mama gets REAL burnt out. Add to that the monthly visitor? And a teacher email? Mama goes off LE DEEP END.)

(Oh, and I had this whole FANDANGO arranged with rides to and from lacrosse and then grandpa picking up the boys, etc, and the ride fell through. So I had to re-do the plan on the fly, blah blah blah.)

A + B + C = nervy B


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