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blah blah blah blah March 5, 2014

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Yeah, I’m totally doing 46 days of giving up ignorance for Lent.

I also learned today that AW is a “moveable feast” and that a ‘moveable feast’ is a real thing and something BESIDES THE ERNEST HEMINGWAY BOOK. I had no idea. Really!

A moveable feast is an observance in a liturgical calendar that occurs on different dates in different years.

So Christmas = NOT a moveable feast.

Easter = moveable feast.

Hopefully someday that will come in handy while I’m watching Jeopardy. In the meantime, stay tuned for 46 days of bloggy trivia. Cuz if I’m learnin’ it, I’m sharin’ it. (Translation: feel free to tune out until Easter).

Here’s something I learned in Singapore – the first Anglican church there, St. Andrew’s Cathedral, was struck by lightning – TWICE. It was eventually torn down and rebuilt. I really wonder what the locals were saying about that building being struck by lightning twice – know what I mean? When it was rebuilt, it was built by Indian convict laborers, to cut costs. It’s a beautiful building. I saw it twice on my tour. Then pointed out the wonderful trivia to my teammates as we drove by in a taxi and they all immediately feel asleep from boredom. I am that annoying person who spouts off random trivia that no one else finds interesting. It’s a painful life, but I persevere.


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