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V05 February 28, 2014

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Oh Grammy. I remember your watery V05. It was a whole fandango. See, folks, here’s the deal. When I met the Frog family, I thought they were THE FANCIEST PEOPLE I’D EVER MET. Frog had a bedroom where the wallpaper MATCHED the bedspread. No lie, same pattern. In 1981, that was the height of luxury to this Country Mouse. And they had stained glass hanging things in their window INSTEAD OF CURTAINS, because their house was surrounded by woods/brush. And the piece de resistance? Their bathroom had CARPET!!!!!! And they had a living room that had fancy furniture that they didn’t even use. I’d never seen a living room AND a family room before. I come from combo-one-room people. And one phone in the house people. THEY HAD THREE!! With two different phone numbers!!! It was like Graceland.

Anyhoo, I remember having a sleepover and taking a shower and grabbing the shampoo and giving it a hard shake in my hand because shampoo is thick, right? Well, I dumped the whole bottle out! Horrified, I tried to wash my hair with the chunks of slick shampoo I caught in my hand, but it wouldn’t lather. I asked Frog about it and she said “that’s the conditioner, dummy” I said “WHAT IS CONDITIONER??”

So you see, it was a whole new world of dual hair products, soda in the fridge and actual Hostess products in the cupboard. I got carob at home. It was the early 80s, people. Carob was the BOMB!!

Good times. Good times.


2 Responses to “V05”

  1. JLew Says:

    Freaking hilarious. Especially carob. It wasn’t just the 80s, we lived I hippy era.

  2. Toad Says:

    I didn’t know the difference between a HoHo and a Ding Dong, for the love! Still horrifies/mystifies Frog to this very day.

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