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Redbook/Bluebook/iPad/Catfood/Dogfood February 28, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 10:36 am

It is all the same, you are so right!  Folks, Frog does not remember the Paul loves Maisie scrolling on the computer.  However, I do remember a founding artifact in Frog and Toad’s weird “Aren’t-We-So-Funny” world.  The redbook (Frog’s) and the bluebook (Toad’s).  These were our folders for science class; mine was red and hers blue.  I don’t recall taking notes that pertained to science, but I do recall precious pages of jokes, laughs, drawings and just plain tomfoolery.  Redbook was my favorite book in the 8th grade.  And I don’t recall learning a lick of science!  What I would give for a look at ye olde red and blue books (Toad’s bluebook was not quite as good as my red because she always placed some value on actual classroom information and mucked up her bluebook with it often).  Not that I was ever funnier than Toad, no.  She saved a lot of her wit for redbook.  She wanted her cake and to eat it too.  I just ate the frosting.  Have we told you that story?  We should be ashamed…


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