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More February 27, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 9:22 am

  • Super Fun Night was a hit.  Toad agrees that 2x a year is in order.  All y’all who come- block out all of August in anticipation of the next scheduled SFN.  I just realized that at the first SFN, I got a very public lap dance.  This time around I voluntarily danced in one of the cages at the Embers.  I declare, it is Toad’s turn to do something highly embarrassing in a publicly drunken state.  August.  Karaoke perhaps?
  • Portlandia starts tonight.  Doan forget.
  • Making soap for Kimford today.  Vanilla/peppermint.  I will use the recipe for batch 1- which if you have tried my soap it is likely from batch 1.  The second batch isn’t as bubbly.  I’m guessing Kim likes herself some bubbles.
  • How’s my hair?  My hair is good.  I gave it a good once over last night in the mirror and I see that there is one spot in particular that shows the track.  I have to remember to part my hairs a little more to the right and I should be ok.  Toad was commenting on this weave being fun.  I realize that fun is not my goal- it’s trying not to look like a bald woman.  Fun is a by-product.  What I am saying is that if I can get used to the feel and the care routine- this may be it for me.  As long as I have enough of my own hair to attach fake hair to.  This may be my hair crossroads, readers.  I will have to figure out how I can swim with this mess.  Yesterday I washed it.  Alicia (my weave master) said that Dove daily moisture works best with a weave.  What!?!  That is some crazy shit right there.  I have not voluntarily put low quality soap on my hair since, oh, high school.   Back in the day when Grammy would dilute the screw-top V05.  Alicia told me that the Wen would make them slip sooner.  So, maybe I will be able to afford this lifestyle change just in the shampoo/conditioner money that I will be saving.  Let us pretend that this will make it a wash.  NSNG (remember? not-so-new-guy) likes the weave.  He’s one of those old fashioned weirdos.  Who knew I’d wind up with a guy like this?  Who knew I’d end up with a guy at all?  Hattie likes it.  I warned her what I was going to do and showed her the hair tracks beforehand.  Diego is just happy he has more to pull.  Turkey.
  • That is it for now.  Time to get rolling on the soap.  Kimford soap.

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