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Silverado! February 21, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 9:44 am

  • I’m getting extensions on Monday.  Wait for a new selfie.  Me- only with long beautiful hair.  I think I’ll take up modeling.  Or acting.  These new hairs will change my life.  No more working for the man.  From now on the man will pay me just for the privilege of looking at my long locks.
  • Toad- what do you prefer for a first destination tomorrow?  It’s your birthday, you choose.  Or I can randomly pick another place.  Don’t be surprised if we end up at Mary’s Club.  Or any number of gay bars.  Maybe Silverado!  The real bonus there is that it sits right across the street from the new Scientology place.  Two birds, one stone.  Let’s imagine for a minute it John was to accompany us to first Silverado, then to Scientology.  Good times.  Also, please tell me what snacks/drinks you prefer.  I need to get ready for our Super Fun Night.
  • Thanks to all who came to the oil party.  It was great for Quinn to yak to Portland people about her passion.  BTW- I forgot to put out the HUGE bowl of guacamole I made for the party.  Perhaps it will save until tomorrow.
  • That is all for now.

2 Responses to “Silverado!”

  1. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Toad Says:

    I want to make out with guacamole

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