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Proclamation February 21, 2014

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I’m making a proclamation right here, right now.

From now on, we shall have minimum two (2) Middle-Aged Ladies Nights Out per year. Makes sense to me to have one in August and one in February. It’s our new jam.

Everybody mark your calendars. And somebody let John know.

And now a side note, unrelated: You know how I love popcorn? Well one night when I was in Singapore I was wandering around in the mall connected to my hotel (there’s a mall every seven feet in Singapore – gross) and I saw a sign for something like JJ’s Popcorn. I WAS HOT AND TIRED AND HOMESICK AND SO EXCITED BY THE IDEA OF POPCORN!! So I walked and walked around trying to find this popcorn shop, all the while getting more and more excited for some FOREIGN POPCORN and when I finally found it? It was like a kiosk. With janky-ass boxed popcorn, not even popped on site. It was a sham of a popcorn shop, and I was ridiculously disappointed. And insult to injury? It was like five million dollhairs – very expensive janky popcorn. I was so mad I went back to my hotel room in a huff. Don’t tease with signs of popcorn shops, people. IT IS NOT FUNNY.

Another side note: food in Singapore? Not spicy. Even when I ordered medium spice – NOT SPICY. Medium spice here in some places will burn your tongue off. There were spice-teases, as well as popcorn-teases.

Also – did I tell you we went to the Raffles Hotel, the “famous” hotel where the drink Singapore Sling was “invented?” Well we did – on my bday. And we all had the Famous Singapore Sling, which was DELISH, but also? $27. For one cocktail. Rip me off, FLIP ME THE BIRD!!!! That’s $27 SG dollhairs, which is less than US dollhairs – but still over $20 US for a cocktail? Um, no. Not unless it comes with a massage, a cigarette and some new Dior mascara. JAYSUS!

What I loved though – the look of the Raffles Hotel. It’s all Colonial Era design and furnishings – dark wood, etc. Palm fans on the ceiling – very very cool. Colonialism = bad deal though, so it feels weird to like the style of the era so much. There was a band playing that night – they kicked it off with “Get Lucky” from our favorite band Daft Punk. Erm…no. Just no.

OK – in summary:

2X/yr? Party Party.

Popcorn in Singapore? B.S.

Colonialism? Bad deal.

Colonial-look furnishings? Secret pash.


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