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BIG AL HERE!!! February 21, 2014

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· I ran into John on the way to the Hippie Oil Party. He was walking up to Mt Tabor (?) and I stopped at harassed him from my car window. When I say harass I mean: I said “HEY JOHN! HOW’S IT GOIN’?” He didn’t recognize me at first and looked at me like I was a crazy harasser. Which is better than last time we talked and he told me I LOOKED LIKE A HOOKER. (Mama can hold a grudge – she never forgets.)

· I’ve been planning my outfit for Saturday night (not really) around what John’s reaction might be (not really) and I’ve decided to wear my best burqa (not really).

· I don’t care where we go tomorrow night. I had a realization while at the Hippie Oil Party:

o 1. I’m controlling.

o 2. I need to reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax.

o C. (do they make an oil for that?)

o 4. The attendees of our Super Fun Night are so Super Fun and entertaining, it no matter where we are. I’ll be entertained regardless.

o E. My only request is that we start somewhere where we can have a conversation – not too loud. And also, not at a U shaped table like last time. I was talking to Bailey’s Mom at dinner (win) but had to turn my head the whole time and NO SHIT, my neck hurt for a week. (Is there an oil for that?)

· I had another realization at the Hippie Oil Party – and this one was painful for me: Sheila McGovern is funnier than me. OUCHIE! She’s got a quicker wit about her than I do – I NEED TO STEP UP MY GAME. (Is there an oil for that?)

· My hrrrrrsbrrrrnnd is going to join us later tomorrow night. Just FYI.

· As fer as snack-macs for tomorrow – whatevs. Salt. Sweet. Fats. You know – the good stuff. JUST KIDDING. I doan care. Let me know what I can bring. I’ll bring bev slonakers for me and Sauls. And maybe some POPCORN to share with Bailey’s Mom, since she fancies herself a popcorn aficionado. We should have a POPCORN party! I freaking LOVE popcorn. Popcorn and cereal are my favorite foods. And biscuits.

· I had a drink at the Fox and Hound awhile back that was sooooooo good. I wish I could remember what was in it, durnit! I’d like that tomorrow night. DAMN.

· OK dummies – that’s all for now.


One Response to “BIG AL HERE!!!”

  1. Hattie and Diego's Favorite Aunt Says:

    Oil to relax- Balance and/or Serenity
    Oil for neck pain- Deep Blue, Aromatouch, White Fir, Marjoram, Wintergreen are all good ones.
    Oil for humor- Possibly. In Tune helps with focusing attention. That could possibly help. You got the humors, you just need to grab ‘m quicker!

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