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Coon Wait for Super Fun Night February 18, 2014

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What’s going on with Frog?  Nothin.  You can see the pics we had taken this past Saturday.  I got a disc with all the pics, which makes it very nice- not to mention so much less pressure when you pick out the ones you want for the retouched hard copies.  I couldn’t see the pics well in the small area on the computer, so you didn’t get the best ones- except for the one of Hattie.  Gorgey, No?  And what beautiful hair!  Who cut it?

I am needing to focus on cleaning this house.  Oil party Thursday.  Must have clean house.  We will be making lotion as a parting gift.  I am needing to do a dry run to make sure we get a good recipe.  I think we will all be adding our choice of oil to it for a custom scent.  Fun?  Super fun!  Super fun night!!!  Don’t forget to come.  It’s at 6.  Kids welcome.  Hattie will be babysitting.  Then…

Saturday!  Toad’s bday celebration.  Are we still counting on you, Sauls?  I was thinking the plan could start with a preparty at Frog’s around 5 or 6 with drinks and who knows what else.  Then to the Punch Bowl for more drinks and maybe a bite to eat.  I was thinking we could decide what to do after that when we are good and toasty.  Remember that the Punch Bowl has Karaoke.  Perhaps if we are toasty enough, the Frog and Toad could do a duet.  Ahahaha- I say that knowing that Toad will put the kibosh to that before I’ll have to.  But, we do have one person with us who can actually sing- Kim.  And one that looooves to make a jackass out of herself- Sheila.  That alone is a good start.  Toad, be thinking about what you might like to do in addition to the preparty and Punch Bowl.  Male strippers at Darcelles?  I recommend a personal dance with that cute waiter.


One Response to “Coon Wait for Super Fun Night”

  1. Sauly Says:

    Karaoke is fun if I don’t have to sing. If you get me drunk enough to sing in public you’ll also likely end up holding my hair at some point.

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