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Here’s the thing… February 17, 2014

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I decided to knuckle down and get to work, and I realized something. My job is weird.

I am basically operating a tiny call center…with four employees. We help managers who call in and need help doing some stuff. So I had to get it up and running, develop the processes, tools, blah blah blah. And we use a ticketing system to track our calls and progress (new to me) and our “customers” get a survey emailed to them when we’re done. It asks a few simple questions and and asks them to rate their experience. I get a report emailed to me every Monday and it shows how people have answered the survey and how they’re ranking our “customer service.”

Here’s the thing…I know and trust my employees and I hear what a good job they’re doing, so when some crank says they weren’t satisfied for some reason, #1, I don’t give a shit and B, I don’t believe them. I just roll my eyes at the folks who respond negatively and I think “jerk-hole!” to myself and I move on.


So maybe my job isn’t weird, maybe I’m weird. I’m open to that. I am FULL OF CHARMS…this isn’t about me beating myself up and looking for affirmation. I know I’m awesome…but I’m awesome at certain stuff. I’m good at heads-down work. I’m good at data type activities. I’m good at analyzing. I’m good at figgering stuff out. I’m moderately witty, very kind (underneath) and possess an acceptable level of intelligence. But service oriented – I AM NOT. I believe in doing a good job and doing it in a helpful and efficient manner. But when people respond negatively with feedback that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SERVICE MY FOLKS ARE PROVIDING – I immediately move to “jerk-face!” thoughts and move on.

I don’t know how people who run REAL call centers handle it. People are so grumpy and mean to call center folks sometimes. People. People are the problem! (But never me!)

I need to do some thinkin’ on this one, folks. How do I use my skills for good? How do I get better at being super-fakey-nice? How do I finagle a different gig here? How do you spell finagle?

Side note: having ESL employees has really made me pay attention to how I speak and my word choices. I realize I use a TON of idioms and that may be really challenging for ESL folks. I also use words like finagle, and stuff that perhaps overly-complicates things? Same with slang and other short-cutty ways of speaking – OF WHICH I AM FOND. Also – I have to change how I use dates because apparently 2/1/14 (FEB 1, 2014) actually means JAN 2, 2014 all over the ever-lovin’ planet besides the US of A. So not only can I not talk like a ding-a-ling, but I have to spell out the month in all my emails?? Crikey! (And yes, I knew about the 2/1/14 thing LONG ago, but my Europe employee had to mention it to me and ask that I spell months out, which was le bummer. I’d prefer if she hadn’t had to ask me, and I’d remembered it on my own. I try to be aware of being the Ugly American. I imagined myself showing up at the Euro HQ like Yosemite Sam, with cowboy boots and a big hat and guns a-blazin’. Oh that’s funny to think of.)


2 Responses to “Here’s the thing…”

  1. Sauly Says:

    I can’t handle complainers. Your issue is not the center of the universe so grab some perspective and shutty.

  2. Hattie and Diego's Favorite Aunt Says:

    I’m sure I could come up with an oil for that.

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