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LET’S PARTY!! February 10, 2014

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I blew dry my hair and flat ironed it this morning…to a shiny, flat, smooth and sophisticated TBW style.

This is what it looks like after a day of sweaty humidity ala Singapore. I call it my Big Ern look. Don’t I totally look like Big Ern?

FOR THE LOVE!! You know who Big Ern is, right???

If you don’t, I am going to need to reevaluate our relationship.


4 Responses to “LET’S PARTY!!”

  1. Sauly Says:

    You really Munsoned that one.

  2. iCount Says:

    How in the world???

  3. mothermckibbin Says:


  4. harrismr1 Says:

    Omg. I am dying.

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