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Somewhat Less Exciting than Traveling February 10, 2014

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Here I sit at Play date PDX while the chil’ren run wild in the play structure. This is the first time we have really been out in three days. I envy the Toad with frizzy hair. I HATE this weather. I’m hoping the kids will be wearing themselves down into compliant bags of jelly. The last two days have been particularly rough. Last night when I heard there was no school today I would have headed for the hills if it wasn’t a suicide mission. There has to be school tomorrow. Period. Dear god- what am I going to do this summer?!?! They will both be out of school. Ugh. I love my kids. I complain, then Diego sings “crackers cheese and hams” just for the hell of it, out of nowheres and I’m reminded that there is a reason I endure.
Yesterday I gave Hattie a whopping haircut. It’s short again now. She still hasn’t grown out of the habit of picking her hair and putting it in her mouth kind of like dental floss. Her favorite spot to pick from now is her bang-area. It started to look vair funny, so mama took matters into her own hands and WENT TO TOWN on that little head. But only after I gave her a choice between Vesta and Auntie Shannon for stylists. She said she preferred me and I’m not one to shy away from this type of challenge. Not sure if I mentioned that I gave big D a haircut too. Not just one of his trims but a real cut. The line is a little choppy but it could be worse. Grammy will be happy. And that’s what counts- right Grammy?




3 Responses to “Somewhat Less Exciting than Traveling”

  1. Linda Says:


  2. mothermckibbin Says:

    oh my gawd! is Linda related to Elona?

  3. harrismr1 Says:

    Those are some super cute kidlets.

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