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Jet Lag February 4, 2014

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I now understand jet lag.

I just worked on the EASIEST task that should have taken me 15 minutes tops and I’d guess it took me over an hour. I can’t keep a thought going, I can’t concentrate, I can’t figure ANYTHING out.

Bottom line: I’m impaired!

What I was trying to say last night about the train ride from the ‘burbs to Amsterdam….I was trying to keep it all straight but the durn train wasn’t announcing the stops AND the sign inside the train (electronic) that is usually continually updated – WAS ON THE WRONG ROUTE. How on earth would a solo dummy traveler figger that bznss out??

On another note, we can all know that we know that sleep deprivation is CRUEL AND UNUSUAL. I’d confess to a murder I didn’t commit right now if it weren’t for the CotC. And don’t even get me started about ‘advanced interrogation techniques.’ AIN’T NOBODY GOT THEM FOR THAT!


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