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Forced bravado February 4, 2014

Filed under: Uncategorized — frogandtoadtogether @ 10:00 am

My group went out to dinner and I said I’d make my way back to the hotel by myself.

I must look like I know what I’m doing. Someone came up and asked me a question about the bus. In Dutch. At least I think it was Dutch. Maybe she was actually gagging on a hair ball. Sounds same.

Oh just kidding. Calm down.


3 Responses to “Forced bravado”

  1. mothermckibbin Says:

    If you continue to walk ALONE at NIGHT please practice your Dutch….LAHT muh met Rust! ick bell duh poh-Lee-see!

  2. Whhsssshhhhh whssshhhhh!

  3. mothermckibbin Says:

    Leave me alone! I’ll call the police!

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