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Um, is there a conference room where someone can sit and cry? ASKING FOR A FRIEND. February 3, 2014

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Well, I made it to the MegaCorp European Headquarters. I have to be honest – I’m pretty overwhelmed. Like, completely overwhelmed. Luckily I’m traveling with a large group, so I just follow them around, but I think about having to come back and having to navigate the train from Amsterdam by myself and it skeeeeeeers me. I didn’t know how to use the ticketing business – blah blah blah. There’s just a lot to learn. And the lovely folks I’m traveling with are old pros and just know how to do everything. I’ve started calling my boss “mom” because she’s doing so much for me – buying my rail card, etc. So I say “Thanks, mom!”

There are things you just don’t know about – like for instance in Amsterdam the street names are on the buildings. I didn’t know that and kept looking for street signs and could NOT understand how everyone knew which g.d. straat we were on. There’s a canal every three feet (excuse me – ONE METRE) and oy, it was cornfusio.

Oh, I figured out who my boss looks like – Gina Gershon. She’s more blond now, but just about as bangin’ as GG. For reals.


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