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Get Clean- Use This Soap February 3, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 9:49 am

  • I’m hating on that shower with you, Toad.  That sounds tres stupie.  Is there any water pressure?  Your room looks nice, though.  I’m curious about what work you are doing there.  Is it like a meet and greet for you this time around?  Or are you having to dig in and actually do work?  I gave you a text re: PSH just in case you were that far out of the loop.  Plus, I thought Singapore was first.  I have some unsolicited advice for Singapore.  That is to avail yourself of every beauty/spa treatment they don’t offer in this safety-obsessed country.  You will come back a new woman.  I hope you totally enjoy your time.  But if you get in the dumps just remember our Super Fun Night is coming up.
  • Who wants to share a blog with a world traveling TBW???  My blogs are now like commercials for soap during a really good tv show.  Whatevs, man.

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