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Evening Update February 3, 2014

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It’s 9pm and I’m back to my hotel finally. My employee S. rode the train into Amsterdam with me (THANK GOODNESS) and we went out to dinner. Here are some pics I found on the world wide web. It was totally cute and charming in what I’d always imagined a small café in Europe would look like.

I had a traditional Dutch dish that didn’t sound good, but S. was raving on and on about it so I decided to be a good and decent person and try the Dutch food, for the love of Pete. I can’t remember what it was called but it was something like Boerenjoord or something like that – lots of vowels and a Y-sounding J. Which is pretty much every Dutch word, amirite?? Anyhoo – it’s basically a huge pile of mashed potatoes with something mixed in. In this case it was kale, with a sausage on top. And it was goooood. It was like the ultimate comfort food.

Jeez, today was a long day. I hit a wall around 3pm and was literally falling asleep at my desk. Then the walk to the train station pepped me up a bit and I decided to take a look around me and see if I couldn’t just figure out (or at least learn more about) the whole train fandango. Well, it’s a good thing I wasn’t alone, because the train did not announce stops. AND THE SCREEN IN SIDE THE TRAIN THAT SHOWfff]\S

I literally just dozed off on the keyboard. See the ffffff\\S? that Is a sign that I need to hit the hay. More later.ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


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