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Also… February 3, 2014

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The greeting here is a half-hug and THREE air kisses from L to R to L.

I’m prickly. THREE air kisses is a bit much.

Luckily you only air kiss folks you know so I’ve only had to air kiss the gal who works for me. Everyone else shakes hands for the first meeting. I hope I don’t have to make out with them tomorrow when I see them again!

People have The Good Fashion Sense here too. I got a new thread or two for my trip and I’m glad. Vair Euro Chic up in this beeeeeeeotch.

Also – the ladies room says “Paul” on the door. I feel confuse about that.

No cubicles in Europe – everyone just has desks next to each other. That would give me a nervy B for sure.


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