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There’s Linda, on the far right.

I still haven’t watched BB yet. I should buy a season to watch on my upcoming 47 airplane hours.

PS I haven’t started packing. I leave Saturday. It’s 30-40 degrees (FAHRENHEIT, what am I, some FOREIGNER??) in Amsterdam and 90 and cloudy in Singapore. How do I pack for that, I ask?! I went to the Rack tonight and tried to find a new thread or two. I got the cutest tshirt but didn’t try it on because I found it after I’d already been in the dressing room and I was overheated and sweaty and didna want to take off my clothes again. What is my point? MY POINT IS: That shit didn’t fit and it chaps my hide!! I did try it on without a bra though, and that changes the landscape if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean, I mean this: I HAVE BIG KNOCKERS AND GRAVITY AIN’T MY FRIEND. So my boobs coming out the bottom of the tshirt and swanging around my kneecaps DOESN’T GIVE AN ACCURATE PICTURE OF THE SHIRT FIT FANDANGO.

My GOD! Not only do I have to do all the high tech work up in those joint but I have to spell everything out for you numbnuts.

(Did anyone miss my insane ranting? I’ve been vairvairvair busy.)

I’ll try to post some shit from my trip. Pictures, etc: Windmills, tulips, wooden shoes and SMOKING HASH IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT, BITCHEZZZZZ. Just kidding, Mom, if you’re reading this! And no, I won’t bring any home for you. Hahahahaha. That’s a good one. Someone told me if I try to smuggle drugs from NL to Singapore I could get beheaded. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I saw that movie where Claire Danes smuggled drugs in some SE Asian country and ended up in the prison that looked like a chicken coop! Ain’t nobody got time for no balloons full of drugs up their butthole!

GAWD, I’ve missed this. I’ll git back to the blogging on the regular!

How about a comment to humor this sad, sad old lady who is having a birthday in Singapore? I’ll be 44. That is some crazy-ass shit right there. 44 is old as shit. When I wake up, I have lines on my face now. It’s gross.

OMG it’s midnight!!!! Goodnight, dummies!



  1. grammy Says:

    Have a wonderful trip and birthday, Kelsey. On my next birthday I will be 72…… you wanna trade?

  2. Sue Says:

    Oh god laughed so hard, missed your posts get back to this shit. I like you have big knocker and hate them….never asked do you like big knockers ?They get in the way and all those cute tops in the store FORGET it!! I feel ya pain.

    Layers is the key for this trip. Are they flying u business or are u back with the peons in coach?

    Hope you have a great Birthday, thought you were turning 64 not 44 girlfriend. Will be thinking of you at my totally rad Birthday party.

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