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Meet the new boss, not like the old boss January 31, 2014

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My new boss is not like Laura.

For those of you not in the know, by old boss who hired me at the gulag is named Laura and she’s THE COOLEST. She’s also a very experienced world traveler and would be very fun to have as a guide. She is so cool, in fact, that she’s sent me some links of things to do in Amsterdam. And her husband, who works here at MEGACORP, has given me museum advice. He told me to go to the Rijkesmuseum vs. the Van Gogh museum. I prolly would have gone to the Van Gogh. But the Rijkes just finished up some 10 year renovation project and he told me it’s chock full of Vermeers, which is what I really want to see. The whole Dutch Golden Age really gives me an art boner. BIG TIME. Art History was my fave class in college. I still remember very vivid things the professor said. Meanwhile I couldn’t do a balance sheet for love nor money, so GOOD THING I GOT A BIZNSS DEGREE. Anyways! It’s a little odd that I worked at the gulag for L. and now I work where her huz works. AND…I sit right outside his office. I can hear him on a daily basis. That’s some small world biz right there.

Anyhoo, my new boss is TBW for sure, but not stuffy. She said we’ll go out to dinner or something on my bday. AND…the whole Global HR Leadership team is going, which means there will be a pack of us – and everyone is SUPER nice and a few seem SUPER fun. One gal who is RUL NICE is actually the across-the-hall neighbor of someone else from the gulag. The world – it’s small. There’s one guy who I get along with like a house a’fire. He’s from New Zealand so OF COURSE I had to ask him if he knows Bret or Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. Then I had to ask him if his people ride whales. Then I had to ask him if The Piano was based on a true story, and did he know why they had to show Harvey K’s ween? Then I was all out of New Zealand references and I had to stop pestering him. And no, I did not really ask him about Harvey K’s ween. Don’t worry. I’m not about to be the HR person fired for harassment.

Anyways, my new boss is uncategorizeable, is that a word? I can’t think of a parallel to draw to give you an idea of who/what she’s like. She’s DURN smart, in a different way than me, so it’s been RUL GOOD for me to observe her carefully and try to learn some new skills. I’ve already learned a lot. She’s a master communicator. I used some of her tricks yesterday in a meeting where I had to tell some folks “no” on something. I’m not good at that, so any help I can get is RUL GOOD.

I am predicting a fab b-day for myself! At the very least I’ll get a good meal with interesting and nice people. Sue, J said he didn’t get an invite to your bday party. He wonders if maybe since I’m not in town, you don’t want him to go. I *did* inform him that you and Dix both looooooooooove me, and if we divorce I get you two in the deal. And Erik. He’d take me to court though for sure if I tried to get Erik. That would be some Kramer vs. Kramer shiz right there.

RUL GOOD is my new fave phrase by the way. MHar sent me a link to my new favorite blog, and I stole it from there. This gal is SO funny. I laughed and laughed HARD at her posts. But I canna share the link, because I want to steal her stuff and have our readers think I’m RUL GOOD.


2 Responses to “Meet the new boss, not like the old boss”

  1. Sue Says:

    Sounds like you r going to have a RUL GOOD time 😉

    BTW we did invite your hubby, sent out evite weeks ago, hate the new system it doesn’t show if someone hasn’t looked at it which is normally the heads up that u screwed up on the address. I’ll have Bri give him details this Sunday when he throws that big celebration party at your place cause you’re out of town…Tee Hee.

  2. Emily Says:

    Yeah, skip the Van Gogh if you only have time for one museum. I didn’t go to the Rijkesmuseum last time I was there b/c they were in the midst of the giant renovation, so I’m super jealous. Amsterdam is awesome. Just walk around and absorb it all!

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