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Ho Hum January 31, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 10:03 am

Toad- I’m sorry to hear that you have to pack for such a wide range of temperatures.  That totally blows.  I went on that cruise with Hattie a year ago and we were in NY for a few days- freeeeezing- then on to the sun and beaches.  Does not make for easy packing.  But for your bday?  You may find you will have a very cool and super special bday.  Is your current boss like Laura?  Imagine traveling with Laura to Singapore for your bday.  Fun!  I know you said that your current boss is TBW but maybe she would consider doing something special for your bday.  No?  Maybe she’s too TBW for that.  Either way I know you’ll enjoy your time.  And if not- you have 2/22 to look forward to.  Holla!

I have found out a very strange thing about NG (whose name I will now change to Not So New Guy).  I am quite disturbed that he has NEVER BOUGHT OR SOLD ANYTHING ON EBAY!!!  I don’t think I know anyone else who has never at least bought a thing or two on the ebays.  Sheesh!  I guess he’s just lucky that he found someone like me who is willing to overlook such bizarre behavior.  Seriously.

Thanks for putting up the pic of my newest BFFF, Toad.  You are the best RBFF (real bff) ferreals.  You’ve done more than a couple of favors for me in the past.  Next time I think about it, I will have you show me how to do that again.


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