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Meet Linda January 30, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather,tv — frogandtoadtogether @ 8:52 am

Some of you know that I have three close friends whom I have never met:

1. Jennifer Aniston

2. Theresa Caputo

3. Tim Gunn

These are all very special people who I know would love me as much as I love them, if only we had the chance to meet.  Today, I am hereby adding one more “person” to my list:

4. Linda Belcher

If you know this name, then you know why she is my good friend.  It doesn’t matter that she is an animated character since we are talking about fantasy.  Toad, I still don’t know how to grab photos from the internets and put them on this here blog.  Could you give the readers a pic of my new BFFF?  (That’s best fantasy friend forever.)  She’s not the prettiest but she is by far the funniest.  She is on Bob’s Burgers, which by the way, is my new fave show.  Her voice comes from one John Roberts, who in my opinion deserves a golden globe after they create the category “Best Animated Voice Provider.”  A runner up would be her daughter Tina who is voiced by Dan Mintz.  People, this is a half hour of genius.  Watch it, I’m tellin ya.

So let’s all give my new BFFF a hearty “Welcome” to the FTT circle.  I have been enjoying her earnest optimism and positive energy for a month or two.  Now you should all take 30 minutes to meet her.  Program that DVR.


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