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Come ON People! January 14, 2014

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 11:08 am

Thanks for the response Sauly.  Sheila McGovern is on.  I’ll have John pencil us in.  Toad says MHar is a no.  Your no blows, MHar.  Does Bailey’s mom read this thing any more?  Aut?  What about CC?  It would be great to see some new folks, too.  Toad says I have to plan.  That’s fair, because it will be a Toad birthday shindig.  So far this is what I have:

1) Pre-party party at my house.  Some whore-derves, maybe a bday cake!!!  What kind  Toad?  There will be sweet tea vodka and LEMONADE, music and whatever else we are feeling like.

2) Then I was thinking about the Punchbowl- it was good in August.  A little something for everyone there.  Karaoke?

3) ???

4) ???

I am thinking that I won’t get to drag Toad to Darcelles ever again.  Please respond with suggestions.


5 Responses to “Come ON People!”

  1. Toad Says:

    She’s now called MWhore

  2. Toad Says:

    Steak window coverings for long.

  3. harrismr1 Says:

    😦 It’s the hubz birthday. He takes the birthdays very, very seriously.

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