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Somalia January 13, 2014

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I finished the Somalian kidnapping book. I’m glad Megacorp doesn’t have an office in Somalia because I’d have to put my foot down and refuse to go. Lawsie Mercy, what a bummer of a country.

It was a good book though. I give it a thumbs up.

Those war-torn African countries (the Congo, etc) are really a drag. I never did read that book about the child soldier – the one that was super popular about five years ago. I should read that.

But right now I need a good palate cleanser. Something light and funny. Because a fifteen-month hostage fandango has given me the anxiety. I imagine my sweet sweet boys removed from their lives and plopped into Somalia and being orphaned and conscripted to a life of jihad and it gives me a nervy b. Those little child soldiers are someone’s sons. And grandsons. It’s just enough to make me take to my bed for three days in a deep deep funk.

And they also do the circus mission in Somalia and WTF, that is a giant fucking BUZZKILL. (Is Circus Mission in the dictionary? If it isn’t, it can’t be. Frog cannot bear to speak of it. You just have to sound it out: FEMALE CIRCUS MISSION. Say it and you’ll get it.) I wouldn’t even do the male circus mission to the Children of the Corn. I’m generally anti all forms of circus mission. I had to attend the circus mission of my nephew when I was eight (?) weeks postpartum aka “slightly emotional.” I had to stand outside the room. I was horrified.

I’m delicate. Super delicate, BITCHEZZZZ!


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