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Crane Hoard Grows January 13, 2014

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BUT! I solved a major work issue today. I had something vexing me last week and I just couldn’t figure out how to solve it. But I finally did!

So now…I wish I could improve my problem-solving skills to get these kinds of solutions faster. I’m a reasonably smart gal, but I’m not the fastest thinker. It drives me nuts!

Yeah, I’m quick with the sarcasm, and stupid one-liners but THAT DON’T PAY THE BILLS!!

Now I gotta sell it to Singapore at 6pm tonight and Amsterdam at 7am tomorrow and I’ll be good to go. HOLLA!


4 Responses to “Crane Hoard Grows”

  1. iCount Says:

    Do you do some comfort rock in when you make your cranes, Temple, err, Toad?

    • Toad Says:

      Don’t pretend you’re not a giant weirdo too, Kare-Bear.

      • iCount Says:

        I’ll own my weirdness, no problem. It’s just this brought to mind a scene in a horror-ish movie. Picture Megacorp worker A going to check on their new colleague. Worker mentions to worker B that new colleague is in her office and made a few origami cranes. That worker B is intrigued, goes to see paper cranes only to come back and report there are dozens of cranes. Insert suspenseful music while worker A goes back to check and you are practically buried in paper cranes, while you comfort rock and continue folding tiny papers. Worker A and B are then seeing calling the EAP together. That’s where my mind went with your photo.

  2. Sauly Says:

    There is nothing weird about needing your own personal cattle hugging machine.

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