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Thursday with VIRGINIA January 9, 2014

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Dear Lerd- she’s driving me CRAZY!  Is it ok to say that?  It would take more space than wordpress has to explain all the intricacies of why Virginia is difficult to be around.  The only way to be around her without pulling out your hair is to love her.  The only way you can love her is to know her for a long time.  The first years are the most difficult.  PS- this is why I don’t get a lot of blogging done on my time here any more.  She is a piece of WORK who keeps me from doing ANYTHING!!!  God, I love her.  There’s just no other way.

Have I mentioned my recent obsession with soap making?  Yesterday I made my first batch of soap.  I am pretty sure that that batch is headed for the garbage, however.  Today I made another smaller batch.  I have high hopes for this one.  The process of making it is somewhat less than exciting, but the whole idea of self manufacturing my own soap is exciting enough to keep me trying for quite a while.  

Re: Lonesome Dove- MHar, you can’t judge me for not reading until you have read Lonesome Dove.  Word.  After that I will admit to being a bad person for watching tv in lieu of reading, like I should.  Even if you aren’t interested in getting me to admit my shortcomings, READ LONESOME DOVE ALREADY!

Tomorrow Shannon is fixing my hair!  This is exciting.  I have had yeller hair for months.  I am prepared to look gorgeous.


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