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Hey Dummies January 9, 2014

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I’m reading this. I like it. It’s that gal, who was kidnapped in Somalia and held hostage for many days. I saw her on the tv for about 30 seconds and thought her story sounded familiar. Then I realized I’d seen a book on some Best of 2013 list about Somalia and kidnapping. And I hit the google dot com et voila!

I gots it from the library in two days, despite a looooong wait list. Ever since I switched branches, my waits are super short. I can’t understand it. Dixie, if you use the library, use the one up at Murray and Scholls. WORD TO YOUR MOTHER!

I also have been on an origami crane bender.

That’s all the news I gots. It’s dullsville up in this joint tonight. Alls I know is: being kidnapped in Somalia is A BAD DEAL.


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