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Preach! December 29, 2013

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See this comment?

I am here to tell you: knitting is the greatest hobby. It’s portable, it’s endless in its variety, it can be as easy or as hard as you want, and you can do it anywheres. You can have a project in your purse and whip it out anytime! You can make beautiful things! You can make great gifts.

Here’s my aunt on Xmas eve with a loverly cowl I made and gave to her for her bday. I bought the yarn in Hood River a few years ago while out and about with Frog, MHar and Marn. It’s wool, and as soft as a cotton ball. I finished it years ago but didn’t have the right buttons on it and it just sat in my craft stuff. Enter the new job and general disarray of my life AND combine auntie’s Xmas bday and the fact that I always make her something and you have PANIC. Until I remembered this bit of lovely and off I went to Joanns on a button hunt…et voila! A great gift on a lovely lady.

And the actual physical act of knitting is UBER relaxing and almost meditative, FOR REALS.

And….add to it that knitters are generally of above ave. intelligence and are also often readers as well, and well…that’s just the Cool Crowd you want to be in with.

I *will* convert a knitter this year. It’s going to be my 2014 goal. I do have a target in mind. She lives approx TWO BLOCKS from the best yarn shop in Pdx. And she’s expressed a curiosity about the knitting.

Watch out. You know who you are.


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