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NCH December 28, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — frogandtoadtogether @ 12:14 am

Y’all seen MHar on the Facebook with her new noise canceling headphones. She got some Bose ones for Christmas.

Apparently NCH are the new black, BECAUSE I GOT SOME TOO. But not Bose. We’re more of a Sony family (cheap).

AND reader Sue got some too! I saw hers on the Facebook as well. Did anyone else get some?

Mine are for my upcoming trip. I actually a bought them for myself and gave them to J to give to me “with the boys.” They were $20 off at the Costco. We are a practical people at Chez Y. Surprises are for newlyweds. Our 13th anniversary is approaching. There are no surprises anymore. Unless you count being surprised by how loud someone can fart. Or being surprised that you haven’t yet KNIFED SOMEONE AS THEY SLEEP. Knowwhatimean, married people?


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