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Here’s my two cents December 26, 2013

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Toad here.

1. I don’t know about girls cuz I only have two boys. But I think boys are easier…just from watching other people. But I have no reasoning. Or proof.

2. Viva la pink skirt as long as he wants to do it. Good for you, Duffy Moon. Fear is CRIPPLING, you’re so right. 2.5 yrs old is TOO YOUNG to be putting any bullshit societal bullshit on that biz.

He has a big sister. The pink stuff is loved and valued and GETS A LOT OF ATTENTION. He wants in on the action. That’s all. He’ll move away from it on his own. And if he don’t, well, he don’t. But it won’t be because you “let” him wear a skirt once. Fighting over clothes is a WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY, no matter what they’re wanting to wear. Unless they’re older and Hattie is wanting to go out with either her ass or her tits hanging out. Then, fight her on it.

Just be neutral on that pink shit. Don’t encourage or discourage either way. Who cares??????! Clothes are the LEAST INTERESTING THING ABOUT A KID, EVER.

And tell birth mom I said to put that in her pipe and smoke it. It’s not a relevant discussion topic for anyone. (Not just birth mom.). It just needs to be a NON-ISSUE. So don’t go bringing it up, is what I’m saying. You do have a tendency to like to stir the turd a little, amirite?

3. I got my own fucking thing going with a son who doesn’t wear underwear lately. WTF? Gross.

4. Me and the huz went out tonight and played pub trivia. We got 5th place. Out of six teams.

5. That bear one wasn’t suppz to look like a snow globe, but I thought the same thing and cut it differently than the pattern said…with a snow globe in mind. That’s a great theme…snow globe felt ornaments! Cuuuuuute. Those bears take the cute cake though…there will be no topping those. (I do really love the fox and bunny from last year though).

6. Can we talk about the fish scales on Hattie’s penguin/fish? I trimmed down some sequins and layered them on. ERMERGERD CUTE ALERT!

7. Glad it’s Friday tomorrow! I been working too much and I miss my chilluns. I need some mellow time with them and their no-underwear-wearing funky buns.

8. Re: #2. Not poop, but bullet #2 above: If you want me to get on a rant about something, lets talk about the way people interact with girl children, from Day One. Comments about their looks, always. I catch myself doing it and it bums me out. That shit is way worse than little Tran-Diego. And ingrained! Ugh. I hate it!

9. Bed time. Gooooooobye.


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