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December 16, 2013

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Today Diego wore a pink skirt to school.  It is Hattie’s, of course.  He wore me down.  He has switched his affections from the frilly over the top polyester princess dresses of hers to one of her nice, though pink and frilly, skirts.  It is a convenient slip on with elastic which puts him in charge of on/off.  A great improvement from the too-small dresses that needed adult assistance to put on.  He is happy as a clam in his new “princess” as he calls it.  Up to this point I haven’t sweated his cross dressing out of the house outside of school (save for the pink underwear and pink shoes).  I have always told him that he can’t wear that to school.  It was easy to say no to the polyester play dresses.  Harder to follow through when the skirt is completely reasonable for his sister.  Hattie had a friend play over here yesterday.  The friend’s mom told me about her now 8 year old son loving dresses and skirts when he was younger.  When she sent him to preschool (Hattie’s Montessori classroom) the teacher (now Hattie’s) would not allow him to wear skirts and dresses.  Heehee.  Montessori teachers take big issue with anything that causes a distraction or diverts attention away from work, ie, a boy in a dress.  I have a pile of clothing that has gotten the thumbs down from Diego’s teacher- Dr. Suess logo, skulls, etc.  Yet I wonder if this teacher will take issue with the skirt.  She is all on board with letting pink be his color.  He drove her crazy when he would dump out his underwear bin to find the one pair of pink undies (Hattie’s old ones- I was feeling lazy- see what happens?!?).  She requested that I either dye his white ones or buy some more pink ones.  I guess him not having pink undies in that situation was causing the disruption.  So lets see what she says about pink “princess.”  The first thing that happens when he gets to school is they change him from his pull up to underwear and leave only a shirt and underwear on.  It is their “work” to learn to use the toilet.  I’m curious what will happen when it’s time to go out to the playground.  Will he wear them down too?  Will I be asked to keep the skirt at home?  I’ll report back.  I am hoping that he outgrows this before he meets his birth-dad.  That will be in October 2014 or so.  Not sure how excited he will be about Diego in a dress.  One of the last times we talked to him on the phone the first thing out of Diego’s mouth was “I’m wearing my princess.”  I had to translate what that meant, with lots of qualifiers.  He’s probably stressed out that Diego is going to turn into Darcelle.  I’m not so sure.  Lately he has turned into 110% BOY.  All boy.  Boy in a pink skirt, but boy.  Maybe he’ll be Dennis Rodman.

On the Hattie front- her collarbone continues to be a non-issue.  I can’t believe a child can have a broken bone and not show signs of pain or discomfort whatsoever.  If I didn’t see the break on the xray I wouldn’t believe it.  NG has said a few times that he doubted the diagnosis.  I had to remind him that I saw it with mine own eyes.  It is bizarro.  It seems that in the past few weeks her behavioral challenges are lessening- slightly.  Which is a dern good thing with Mr. BOY on the horizon.  Sheesh.

On the music front- I have been listening to Gangstagrass on Pandora.  It is a fairly small section so they try to improvise with the Allman Brothers, Pure Prairie League and CCR.  But the new G.g. they have now on the radios makes me tap my toes!  Rap and bluegrass together!  What could be better?  Nuts and gum, perhaps?  I kid.  I can’t get enough of it.  I was initially inspired to search it out after realizing that the theme to the tv show Justified is just good stuff.  Vair good stuff.  Seek it out, folks.

Have you been wondering what’s going on with Motopony?  Me too!  Last I heard they were working on their second album.  Git on it guys.

In dog news- Tony is on his last legs.  He lays on the dog bed all day and only gets up if there is a slice of ham for him in the deal.  So sad.  The guy that would greet guests by jumping up to look them in the eye at the door now sleeps through their arrival.  The good news?  He hasn’t peed on the floor for over a week!  I’ll take it.IMG_1263

And a pic of a pic with Santa- Toad and Grammy, you have copies waiting for you:




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