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Rant ON – it’s GO TIME December 6, 2013

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So, I watched that Rock Center clip that’s spreading on FB and that’s what riled me up. PS, Toad here. See, I used to work at Goodwill. And as an HR person, I’m hip to the sub-minimum wage fandango. I was majorly miffed by the coverage, because I know the clients and I know the types of people making the $0.47/hr. They are profoundly retarded/disabled. PROFOUNDLY. Like non-verbal capabilities. So the ‘story’ was really misleading and offensive to me. But I had to reality-check it with my bestie because it’s been 20 yrs since I worked at the Goodwill and maybe sheltered workshops are now something different and maybe they’re a shady deal and SHE WORKS WITH THE DISABLED SO SHE WILL KNOW. Sho ’nuff, sheltered workshops are not the new sweatshop.

HOWEVER…the other piece of the ‘story’ was the outrageous CEO pay for some Goodwill organizations. And that is a whole separate ball of wax. If we’re going to talk about it, let’s talk about ALL CEO’s and the d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g income inequality, bitchezzzzz. It ain’t just at Goodwill. It’s everywhere. The epidemic isn’t limited to the place where folks are making sub-minimum wage. So don’t act like Goodwill is THE DEVIL vis-a-vis that subject, when it’s gross everywhere. You feel me?

I’ve been working like a mo-fo lately (for me, coming from part-time, naptime) and I’m exhausted. And I make a decent salary, which I’m sure is a fraction of what the CEO of MegaCorp makes. But I also know that my mo-fo work hours are a mere fraction of the hours and pressure and accountablility that he has. I’m not saying it’s PLEASANT that someone make ONE JILLION DOLLHAIRS and that CEO pay is ONE JILLION TIMES greater than the lowest paid worker up in a joint. It’s all gross. BUT…it’s my choice to work at my level. If I wanted more money, I’d have to change my life and priorities in a way I’m not willing to. Therefore, I won’t be a CEO. It ain’t in me. It ain’t even in me to be more than a manager. I wouldn’t mind the dollhairs, but I’m not selling my soul to get it. And working much more would be like selling my soul. Because my soul is lazy. And I likes to read and nap and knit. Can’t be an HR VP who’s fave hobby is napping. C’est la vie, bitchezzzzzzz.


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