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Oh that Baby Z December 6, 2013

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We had a brutal work week so we made family plans for tonight that included: Chinese take-out, play a game, watch some tv. J and I were looking forward to it desperately.

When I picked up Z today (he was down with our plan as of last night) he sez to me “OK we have to be back here at 6:30.”


Turns out the winter carnival thing was tonight and the recorder club(which he’s in) was set to perform. There goes the evening of laze and bliss!

I’m so glad we went – only three kids showed up from recorder club. Those other kids musta sprung it on their families last minute too. Oh kids. So annoying. And see above pic…so cute you can just barely stand it.

We busted a move as soon as the recorders were done and got the H out of D. Ain’t nobody got time to listen to other kids sing. If my kid isn’t there, NO THANK YOU ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. (Or M, T, W or Th, let’s be honest)


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