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I was telling NG about Nike’s casual attire and laid-back atmosphere.  He said that it is a “silicon valley” “model” where they make being at work as comfortable as being at home to get you comfortable living at work.  Tricky.  I see it works.  I guess that is the only thing I will have over the fast food industry here shortly is letting my employees wear cutoffs and flip flops (not that any of them do).

It took FOREVER to get the kids to school today.  I don’t think I have ever driven in snow without studs.  Wow- do they make a difference.  My car had to make up it’s own mind about when to stop.  I was shocked.  Now I know what all the nervous nellies are squaking about.  I was slowing with the intention of stopping for a pedestrian- older dude with a cane.  When he saw that I was the sucker that was going to stop- he just booked it right in front of me.  I totally panicked and tried to wave him back until the car stopped. It wasn’t close- just very scary from my point of view.  Wonder what the line is like at Les Schwabbies today.

Folks,  I’ve got a rant building.  Toad text me this morning to ask my opinion on the backlash Goodwill is getting about their paying the disabled sub-minimum wages.  This is the worst example of one-sided news-reporting.  Toad said there is something going around facebook about it.  I saw a news report the other day too.  I told Toad this morning that this is my first run-in with the “Liberal News Media” as it were.  (News Media- add it to the list, Toad, if you have not already)  The story I saw (and Toad saw something similar) had some very high functioning individuals with mild disabilities being interviewed about making sub-minimum wage.  So you get the visual of these high functioning folks, then they start to give examples of wages that people are currently making- as low as $.22/hr!  Um, these friendly, able bodied folks on that there tv are NOT the ones making $.22/hr, by the way.  Since this is such an ugly, seemingly one-sided debate, the backlash has meant changes in policies in Oregon.  The result?  Now severely disabled folks lose their work Yes, at $.22 an hour because that is a measured output for those people, using minimum wage as the standard.  To add insult to that injury, they lose their “work” placement- which is their structured day away from their home.  Now they will literally sit at their home- all day every day.  What people don’t understand is that these workshops are like 80% fun activities, outings, movies, visiting voodoo donuts, going to the zoo, etc, and 20% sitting at a table and doing work.  The 80/20 is a guess on my part based on the many workshops I have visited.  It also depends on the person, too, of course.  Some LOVE to put labels on bottles- others… notsomuch.  They show up for the donuts and fun.  But if people keep going off half-cocked on the news and on facebook, that will end, too.  Sheesh!  Now I’m all worked up.



  1. Sauly Says:

    Ditto everything you just said. The co I used to work for down in Salem has a similar work program for folks with disabilities. It isn’t regular employment and shouldn’t be thought of as such. I get enraged when someone gets a misinformed bee in their bonnet and it spreads like wild fire (looking at you, Jenny McCarthy).

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