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Such Nice Readers December 5, 2013

Filed under: Alicia Blather — frogandtoadtogether @ 9:37 am

It’s so nice of people to offer up some hand me downs for Karrie!  She is about a L/XL in womens, tho I bought 2 men’s tshirts yesterday that were medium.  She’s probably 5’10” and height-weight proportionate.  If anyone has men’s XXL lounge-ish wear lying around, I would gladly take that off your hands for Annie, who has the most amazing expanding/shrinking waistline I have ever seen- and no money.  Thanks so much for the inquiries.  Let me know and I’ll do the leg work.

I have to get political for a second.  I was listening to NPR (after a few years hiatus) and heard of some rally in various places around the country of fast food workers demanding $15 an hour.  I have no desire to keep the little guy down, but who is going to change the adult diapers in my foster home for less than $15?  I’m a’scairt.  And a republican, apparently.


2 Responses to “Such Nice Readers”

  1. Sauly Says:

    I’m all for a living wage. But $15/hour is redonk unless you’re in Manhattan or San Fran or some expensive place like that. I know people with college degrees who don’t make that much.

  2. iCounts Says:

    Is fast food really meant to be a living wage job? I think not. This isn’t intended to be judgy, but isn’t it a starting place, even for low-skilled workers?
    Dem in distress

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