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Creamsicle Mimosas | How Sweet It Is December 28, 2011

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I love a mimosa. And marshmallow vodka? What the WHAT?


3 Responses to “Creamsicle Mimosas | How Sweet It Is”

  1. Jlew Says:

    Yum!! Some friends of mine were discussing marshmallow vodka (like it was gross) and I thought it’d be delicious. Now that I see this recipe, I totally want it for New Years. For me and Aves. Just kidding. It’d be just for me. What a cute NY present–vodka, oj simpson, whipped cream, and champagne with the recipe. Now I just need a party to go to.

  2. Kelsey Says:

    I’ve never heard of marsh vod. I’m out of it. They also mention cake vod? Wha?

  3. Kelsey Says:

    Bring that ny’s pressie West. I’ll be at sunriver with the blogger formerly known as frog.

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