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Blog miscellany November 8, 2011

Filed under: Toad Blather,Try This Blog — frogandtoadtogether @ 8:22 pm

I found ADD Knitter’s blog somehow, randomly (Happy Knits FB?) and I love her knitting. The projects she chooses and the colors – oy! She’s my knitting idol. And she’s HI-larious, and evidenced here as she pokes at her husband.
> >
I have a knitting and a writing crush on ADD knitter!

What else? When is Posie’s baby going to be born forthelove?? Who else is following her adoption gig? MHar?

I saw this pic on a blog today – oh MY. It’s a CAKE decorated with jimmies etc IN THE PATTERN OF THAT EMBROIDERY I MADE FOR ICOUNT. AMAZEBALLICIOUS!!

And these labels are fab for putting on your handmade items amirite? Although if I were to use them I’d say “this took FOR-EV-ER!” That’s more me, no? Sublime Stitching, folks. She rocks.

That’s all!


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