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Herrow DERE! May 26, 2011

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OK, here are some random thoughts for a Thursday.

· Well, turns out a little ukulele goes a looooong way. I listened to the whole Eddie V. thing on the way to work. There are some lovely songs – and I still love Ed, but I think the uke is a little limited…and every song started to sound alike. I like the idear though.

· I started a new book: Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. I’ve been reading about it for ages and it sounded right up my alley. So far so good. A little slow, a little dry British humor, a sweet little love story brewing between senior citizens. Good stuff.


· And it has a lovely cover, no?

· Has anyone watched “Manor House” on PBS? I got it from the library and don’t know anything about it except that it’s reality show where a pack of folks has to go live in a house and live in the roles assigned to them, from Lord/Lady to Footman. Kind of a real-life Upstairs/Downstairs. I hope it’s good.

· I love this post from Tom and Lorenzo: Excellent pictures, and excellent use of SHUT. IT. DOWN.

· I had an eye exam and ordered new glasses yesterday. Can I just say: I’m getting old…I didn’t like many glasses frames available! The look seems to be wide temple/arm pieces with lots of cut-outs in them, or jewels. The wide temple/arm pieces make me feel like I’m wearing blinders! I actually tried on some metal frames and found a few, but they were gold. No. No to gold. I almost left w/out ordering any glasses! But my current lenses are all scratched up and I really need new ones. The guy “helping” me suggested a few pair, but walked off when I tried on one pair he gave me and I said, “No. They’re too Sarah Palin!” It’s a slippery slope with metal frames nowadays thanks to Ms. Palin. A SLIPPERY SLOPE, I SAY!

· On a COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE, I was getting my glasses from Costco. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the selection! But honestly – after getting glasses at Costco, you can never go back to an Optometry office to buy glasses. Even with insurance, you’d pay double. DOUBLE!


Here are the glasses I got. This picture does not do them justice. The great thing about them is the arm pieces. They have crazy designs on them that I loooooove – in black and white. They are fab. Granted, my pupils were dialated and I could barely see…so we’ll see in 2 weeks when they come in. Fingers crossed.

· I had a funny text message exchange with J. yesterday. I’ll share it and provide a translation for you:

· K: “HEY! Your boy Ward Heinz won Dancing with the Stars last night. Are you excited?” (Translation: I’m bored. I need some attention. I’ll butcher the name of a guy from your fave football team AND combine it with a mention of a TV show you’d NEVER watch and see if I can get you riled up.)

· J’s response: “Medium” (Translation: I’m ignoring you, loser.)

· Just so you don’t think I’m a cruel taunter, here’s what he did to me last night. I was blind from the pupil dilation and looking for a size 9 knitting needle. I couldn’t see the printing on the needles so I handed him one and asked him to read the size. He said “Yeah, it’s a 9,” and I said “REALLY? It doesn’t feel like it,” and he said “Yeah it is!” I went to get its mate and he admitted it was an 8. TRICKSTER! And also: CRISIS AVERTED! But then he continued to be cruel when I asked him to call Kirsten and ask if she had a straight 9 I could use and could he go get it if she did and he said NO. He said, “There’s got to be a 9 in there. You just can’t see it.” MEAN!

· OK, that’s all. Gooooooo-bye.


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