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I love these kind of blog posts December 15, 2010

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And I love 99.998% of what I see on the purl bee, all year long. Amazing eye, for sure. Of course, she did get her start with Martha. Obv.

This makes my heart go pitter-pat.

This next gal got me into the felt obsesh I do believe. The doll I made Hattie Dale from her pattern ON THE PURL BEE, rocked mah world.

Reminder picture. Awesome.

And what’s first on her list? Scissors.

I didn’t even know I wanted one of these. Now I know!

And that tiny rotary cutter? Presh!


3 Responses to “I love these kind of blog posts”

  1. Emily Says:

    I want the crewel kits…

  2. JLew Says:

    Okay–you got me a set of Gingher scissors one year and I use the little embroidery scissors ALL the time. I was waiting for JoAnns to have the set available again (it comes out around Christmas) so I could buy another set, but they have never featured it here at our store (that is now gone, so I have to drive quite a ways for a JoAnns). Second, I bought a Gingher rotary cutter!! It’s gorgeous and I brought it to work when I bought it to show everyone, and I don’t think they really cared. But, I think the Olfa one is better, but not as pretty. I have one of those little cutters, but I rarely end up using it. I just like to buy stuff and then see what you made!! Ha. The Purl Bee is awesome. Do you dig the little felt Christmas trees? I love them. I just wish that we had a shop that sold felt so I could buy it in person instead of online. Oh–I read that doll lady’s blog and I want one of those sewing machine table extenders so I clicked on the link. Guess where they are from?? EUGENE, Oregon!!

    • Kelsey Says:

      Eugene! Right on! All good stuff comes from Eugene. I was born there, yo.

      I can keep my eye out for Gingher set for you. What do handles look like?

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