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Snow Day – Busy Day November 23, 2010

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It’s a busy day at Chez Y, now that I’ve gotten out of bed. I turned this:

Into this:

And it took about 10 min, and I know they’re going to be delish. Homemade cranberry sauce is so good – more tart than the stuff from a can. Try it Froggie. Here’s the recipe I used. I goofed and didn’t read to reduce the water until I’d already put it in, so I just cooked it a little longer and let the water evaporate a wee bit. I didn’t want it runny.

Then I got my bake on and made MY FIRST PIE! Aaaaalert the media! Here’s my perfect crust. Um, it’s from Trader Joe’s. I’ve heard they’re good.

And here’s the pie before it went in the oven:

Pecan Pie, ding dongs. I know a few of you told me to make a fruit pie to go with the punkin pie (grrrrroooooss) but if you’re recommending punkin in the first place, you cannot be trusted to recommend pie #2. This is an ancient Chinese secret recipe – the one Mother McKibbin uses. And per Sauly, MM’s pecan pie is the best. And Sauly’s from the South, so she knows her pecans. (Even though she says it wrong, with a short A. Crazy Southerners.)

Next up, I’m making the punkin pie. I decided to make them for a few reasons – #1 – cheaper. #2 – I hate to take store bought stuff to Grandma’s house, ya know? And #3 – I’m tired of saying I Don’t Know How to Make Pie. How hard can it be? It’s pie, ffs!

Oh Sauly. She’s in Virginnie with her family right now and I miss her – even though we’re in touch over the innernets and the text messaging. That’s weird. Here’s a recent message from her – this is what yarn stores look like in Virginnie:

RE: Ryan Reynolds, of course People Magazine is rigged. Tom and Lo wrote a good post about it once, OF COURSE. But I’m with MHar on this one, Ryan Reynolds is a Very Attractive Man. FO SHO.

OOOOHHH – this just in from Virginnie: Sauly’s mom (mama ford) bought me a treat! I love mama ford!! And I love treats!

I have to go check mah pah now. My pecahn pah. Toodles!


4 Responses to “Snow Day – Busy Day”

  1. MHar Says:

    …and I don’t normally like the blonds. Is alls I’m sayin’
    I’m making pecaaaaaan pie today too. Except I have no ancient chinese secret recipe. Just the one from the good peeps at the Food Network.

  2. MHar Says:

    Gah! I decided to make my own pie crust dough. It has to “chill” for an hour and then be frozen for 1/2 hour. WTF?

  3. Sauly Says:

    The inside of the store more than made up for the underwhelming signage.

    Thank Jebus for the texting and the internets.

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