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Update on Crackballs October 8, 2010

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I have some very bad news for the craftapalooza goers. No, this is not a cover-up. It seems that Tito ate 1/2 of the plate while we were at the Playground Gym with Hattie. Angela, the cleaning lady of power caught him, front paws on the counter, balls a flyin’. There is still quite a few left, but I cannot guarantee that they will be Tito-spit-free. I will check the Cornflake supply to see if I can make more. And BM, you are right, these are WONDERFULLY WONDERFUL. However, they are very heavy on the peanut butter, which I know is not your fave.

You see the pictures of the Playground Gym, right? We 3 went and had a grand time. It’s on the corner of Grand and Lloyd. It’s rather small- a large open space with lots of mats and fun stuff to climb and play on. There was only a few other kids. We stayed for 2 hours. Hattie loved it. It will be great for those rainy days when the 900 can’t meet her gross motor needs. They also have classes, where “coaches” semi-structure stations of fun. Gina had a coupon for $50 worth of play time for $25. Bonus.

So now I’m off to search the internets for some suitable graphics for tomorrows date. Later, crackheads.


3 Responses to “Update on Crackballs”

  1. Hattie's Favorite Aunt Says:

    Your pregnant sister has a craving for your crackballs. Make some, and
    “Come on Down”

  2. I love it when you say crackheads.

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