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…And Another Thing… September 25, 2010

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  • I know that you would never believe that I, Frog, would be the one to say this, but it has to be said that True Religion Brand Jeans and the other sh*t they sell is the most overpriced bullsh*t I have ever seen in my life.  Yes, this is me, the one who spends hundreds at a time on my little girl’s wardrobe when it needs NO augmenting.  But something about TRBJ has me jumbled.  I looked at a pair of jeans there- $319 !!!  What in the foxtrots is going on?  It’s some kind of kommie khinspiracy.  The stuff they sell there looks like everything else, but with oversized horseshoes on the pockets and a pricetag like a car payment.  I asked if all of their stuff was made in the US, trying to make some sense of the prices.  No, not in the US.  Crap, Lucky Brand at least has all their stuff made in the US.  It was just last year that the $100 jeans at Lucky were a pricey and rare treat for a teenager.  Someone just got a wild hair and decided to put absolutely outrageous prices on average clothing.  But, I guess they do have the righteous Buddha with the guitar as their logo.  No, the irony of this rant is not lost on me…:
  • Everywhere, PROSTITUTES!  Saturday night Gina and I were leaving the movies in downtown and we passed what I was sure was a young, well-groomed prostitue.  Then we passed another and another.  They were everywhere.  It was a downtown Sat. night uniform.  It took a long time for me to realize that THIS IS HOW THE YOUNGSTERS DRESS THESE DAYS!!!  Lord have mercy, when did this start?  When did the strapless skin tight mini dress with jesus stillettoes become ok outside of Halloween?  This makes me vair vair anxious about Hattie’s teenage years.  What will it be then?  Probably full-on Capitol City attire, dyed green skin, flourescent hair and no clothes.  Shoot me now.
  • I have October 13th on my calendar.  I will be there.  This should allow me enough time to finish 🙂
  • They came out to “fix” the pavers yesterday.  Can’t see the concrete as much, I guess they put some under the outer stones.  It’s hard to tell because it’s still drying.  I’ll let you know.

A random picture of Leonard is better than no picture at all, right?

  • Ok, so I’m the biggest sap ever.  I almost cried during last week’s Mad Men.  Is Burt Cooper not the best character?  Well, he’s much more about the poignant one liners, I guess.  I loved the scene where he was all bound up over writing the obit for the just-passed elderly secretary and when Joan suggested something nice and average, he came back with “She was born in a barn and she died in a skyscraper.  She’s an astronaut.”  I still tear up when I think of this line.  I’m not even PMS!  Am I crazy?
  • The Big C: MEEHHHHHhhh.  You know what ruins this show?  The neighbor.  Horrible acting that Laura Linney can’t compensate for.  I like the brother, though.  Best line: “Jesus is your brother?

5 Responses to “…And Another Thing…”

  1. Hattie's Favorite Aunt Says:

    Grammy here at MMI…………..
    Great picture of Len. He should come visit me.

  2. Kelsey Says:

    1. Oh Len

    2. Big C brother is my fave too. The neighbor’s not that bad.

    3. Bert Coopers line…I didn’t love it. But you did and tLo did. And I get all my opinions from you two.

  3. hatties real favorite aunt Says:

    BEST pic of Len! Done with Hunger Games!!!!! Thanks for the picture of Hattie…

  4. Kelsey Says:

    Peggy from MM is Scientologist, I just read. Peggy!

  5. MHar Says:

    Okay, this may not be a popular or well-received opinion, but I know why those True Religion jeans are so expensive. BECAUSE THEY MAKE YOUR BUTT LOOK REALLY REALLY REALLY SMALL WHEN IT’S NOT.

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