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Resources – Dahlia May 7, 2010

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This post is for JLew.  Here are all the links you’ll need to make the dahlia this summer.  When you’re ready to make it, come back to the blog and click on “Crafty Stuff” over on the right —>>>>

and you’ll be able to find this post.  I yam a Full Service  Craft Enabler and Very Considerate Blogger.

Here we go:

The original directions:

Here are some helpful notes after the original post:

I used the clothespin method the second time and it was waaay easier.  I just got the craft ones from Joann – not the teeny tiny ones, but the ones one size up.

Now here’s another blogger who made them – and made templates you can download.  TRES TRES helpful.

Here is the template:

When I used her template…that’s when I figured out I made my first one way too big.  Durr.

Hints from me:  Use sharp scissors!  I used that Ailene’s glue (Tacky Glue?) on the first one but bought the Fabri-Tac for the second one and I recommend the Fabri-Tac.  It just worked better, dried quicker, etc.  Use a coupie – they have it at Joann’s.  Take the 10 min to do the templates – it’s much better that way.  Use your rotary cutter to make the strips first, like shown on the tutorial.  Mucho easier.

Now a word on felt.  You have to use wool felt.  It’s so much better than the plastic-y stuff you get at Joann’s.  The colors are richer, the heft is better and the cheapo felt has a weird plastic-y sheen to it.  Grrross.  If you want a trial piece, let me know.  I have a light pink sheet with your name on it, sweet pal o’mine.

Here are some good places to get wool felt online:  This is my favorite.  Oh, but so spendy.  But look, they have a pack named “Dahlia!”  I’ve not ordered from here  I’ve not ordered from here either.

There’s a store in Portland that has it by the sheet.  It’s expensive, but has really glorious colors.  If you’re looking for something particular, let me know and I can go look for you.  Free shipping.  🙂

Ok, I think that’s all you need.  Happy Making.


3 Responses to “Resources – Dahlia”

  1. A comment about the Purl Soho felt – it’s actually not that expensive but the shipping is eight rip off doll-hairs. So suddenly your order seems more expensive.

  2. One more comment: I’ve ordered from this gal before and she was super nice (I called with a question) and it shipped fast from Minnesota, I think. I got a big bundle – the $55 jobbie and was happy with it.

  3. J Lew Says:

    awesome. I’m thinking this will be one of my first projects when I’m home in the summer—it will take me that long to make them as christmas gifts. I love them!!

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